Greve Fire Department

”SimaTech clearly has helped us cut down on bureaucracy, making our workflow more efficient. The availability of updated and important information on the monitors in the vehicles strengthens planning, meaning we can take action quickly when we arrive.”

Jan Funk Nielsen, Fire Chief, Greve Fire Department

Greve Fire Department Strengthen Their Performance with Dynamic Fire Service
When Greve Fire Department responds to emergency calls, it happens with software and monitors mounted in the vehicles, which ensures that the incident commander and the emergency units are totally updated and coordinated. In collaboration with Falck, SimaTech has delivered a solution that allows you to take action quickly and with greater safety.
A dialog box opens on the monitor displaying information about 100 gymnasts that are staying in the gym at the school, where a fire has just broken out. At the same time, new driving directions are received, showing that the temporary closure of the main road to the school has been taken into account. The situation unfolds in the incident commander vehicle and is only a small part of the constantly in-coming information when the work coordinator and his crew at Greve Fire Department respond to an emergency call. Greve Fire Department uses SimaTech's integrated navigation and information system, and that allows the crew to work in a calmer atmosphere, which strengthens the planning, often in highly critical situations where delays can be fatal and every second counts. 
Real-time Data Updated Second-by-Second 
The system ensures that the incident commander and the response team leader have access to fully updated information in the vehicles while they are on their way to the incident location, in order to plan the best strategy based on the information they see on the monitor. They have access to both static data, such as building and fire hydrant locations, and especially the dynamic data on temporary permits granted, storage of fireworks, temporary road closures, etc. After the incident is reported, the system is automatically updated as the police get more information from the incident location. Immediately, the updated data is displayed in the vehicles.
Faster, More Effective Performance
“We have a much better overview of the situation before we even reach the scene, and that means we can respond faster and more accurately. The system has also reinforced the crew’s safety, because the risk of unpleasant surprises is greatly minimized,” says Jan Funk Nielsen, Fire Chief at Greve Fire Department.
Cutting Down on Bureaucracy
Through cooperation with Falck, Greve Fire Department has been directed to SimaTech. Falck uses SimaTech's systems successfully, and Greve Fire Department followed suit and implemented SimaOffice, SimaCar and SimaTech WNS. The integrated emergency response system has streamlined and deregulated a wide range of workflows.
“Previously, temporary permits granted were printed on paper, which easily caused a delay of up to two days before the documents were in the vehicles. That is a significant risk in our view. Today, the updated data are displayed on the touch-sensitive monitors in the vehicles at the same time they are uploaded to the system,” Jan Funk Nielsen explains and says that the new system has also improved the service that citizens receive:
“There used to be an application deadline of 10 days for a temporary stay, but now we can handle the inquiry immediately without compromising safety. We have become more efficient and we have enhanced safety,” says Jan Funk Nielsen.
Through Fire and Water
It is not only in connection with a fire that Greve Fire Department benefits from SimaTech’s system. Concerning an actual case of polluted drinking water in Tune, the emergency services received a comprehensive task, where overview, precision and quick action was of vital importance. 5,000 citizens risked being poisoned by contaminated drinking water, and therefore drinking water tanks had to be established around the city quickly. The water in the tanks needed to be used before 14 days, and it was Greve Fire Department's responsibility to ensure that the drinking water tanks would be replaced in time, a task that is managed by SimaTech WNS.
“From the office, we specify the location of drinking water tanks on the map, and automatically they are displayed on the map in the vehicle. All information on when the tank was opened, when it needs replacing, and how much water there is, etc., are displayed in a small dialog box next to the water tanks on the monitor. It gives us a fast and fully updated overview of when the tanks are to be replaced. Furthermore, the system makes it possible to share information, because it is on a common platform. This has been a tremendous help in solving this immediate requirement.
As a public safety service provider, we solve many different tasks. SimaTech's system is so flexible that it also can be used for emergency services other than fire and rescue service tasks, and I see it as a future-proof solution that can deliver tangible benefits today and in the long run,” says Jan Funk Nielsen.




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