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"We needed a system for task management that could change our workflows. With 36,000 customers to service and the ongoing maintenance of our own gas grid, there is much wasted time associated with manual reporting. SimaTech Enterprise System, in particular Dynamic Documents, makes the process more efficient and is extremely flexible to work with. SimaTech has been very accommodating and quick to understand our needs in relation to a coherent solution between office and wagons.
Claus Madsen, Works Manager, NGF Nature Energy

NGF Nature Energy Distribution is an innovative utility company. As the first in Denmark, the fleet runs on natural gas, and in 2030, the vision is that natural gas will be replaced by biogas. On the internal lines, too, there is continuous improvement and innovation.
Ten technicians who maintain gas installations in private homes and business handle the daily operation and also NGF Nature Energy’s own gas grid. In order to optimize technicians' work day and free up time for problem solving and customer contact, NGF Nature Energy chose a solution consisting of SimaTech Enterprise System including the modules SimaCar, SimaOffice and Dynamic Documents.
Previously, our technicians in the car reported the day’s work on a sheet of paper and entered their notes into our business system when they were in the office again. With Dynamic Documents, we have managed to eliminate the manual process and instead let the technicians report online. The technicians' work day is optimized and there is more time for task performance and customer care,” says Claus Madsen, Works Manager at NGF Nature Energy.
With the use of SimaTech Dynamic Documents, operation technicians fill out time sheets and material sheets, claims and service reports, sign the documents and even attach photos or audio files. The information in the documents is stored in the database along with the other task details, which are sent to the SimaCar app from SimaOffice via SimaTech Enterprise Server. Then the data is transferred to the company's ERP and CRM systems.
“Besides Dynamic Documents, our mobile operation technicians appreciate SimaCar, the tasks and navigation application, which they access via a monitor in the vehicles. Recently we added a new product, SimaWeb Assignment Manager, to our SimaTech solution. When creating a task, it is sent simultaneously to the pool, and during the day when the technicians have some waiting time, they can choose to solve tasks in the area they are in. It enhances flexibility in regards to getting their work done, optimizes the work day, and improves customer service significantly,” says Claus Madsen.

About NGF Nature Energy
NGF Nature Energy services approximately 36,000 customers 

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