Growing competition and the desire to increase profits are major factors in a company’s ability to compete and utilize resources to their optimum efficiency. SimaTech's aim is to offer companies competitive benefits and help them to allocate resources optimally using the latest IT technology.
SimaTech is an IT company working with technologies, developing and marketing proprietary IT products and solutions within the field of task and resource management, fleet management and mobile information and navigation systems. Our product portfolio has evolved from the idea of ​​an information system for mobile employees, to include complete task and resource management solutions. In this way, our product portfolio covers the entire workflow from the systems in the office to the mobile employee’s workplace in the vehicle.
As the first Danish company ever to do so, SimaTech developed a turn-by-turn navigation system, which is currently used on our domestic market and abroad and is the preferred choice for the fire and rescue industry.
Values ​​such as quality, consistency and reliability are central to SimaTech’s vision, reflected by the products and solutions we deliver. We have vast experience in developing products for mission critical and high-performance solutions.
Under Products you will find an overall description of SimaTech's product portfolio. If you have questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.