Deliver Professional Public Service and Avoid Public Resource Waste.

In municipalities and regions, public service is of great importance. With fewer public resources, tasks must be performed more efficiently, and the processes at home care, public services, transportation and on-call services must be optimized. Intelligent IT solutions can automate administrative tasks, increasing one-on-one time with the elderly and sick.

Automate Task, Resource and Route Planning
SimaTech has automated all work processes for the municipalities’ and regions’ mobile employees, so that employees can focus on solving their actual task and ultimately improve public services. Via a smartphone or a tablet in the car, a care assistant or caregiver will receive information from the office about the person they are visiting or the specific service task. They are updated on driving route and any road work that may require a different route. When the job is done, they report online, and the office has a full overview of the status of tasks, resources, and when the task was completed.

Specific Benefits:
♦  Reduction of administrative work in the public service sector
♦  Significant time savings for mobile employees
♦  Better management of materials and equipment
♦  Better public service and more value with fewer resources
♦  Automatic data exchange between the office and mobile staff
♦  The public authorities can follow the tasks via SimaWeb as they are carried out
♦  Electronic documentation on task performance
Products Targeting Municipalities and Regions:

Relevant projectsThese projects describe specific areas of application

The Municipality of Frederikshavn

Emergency Services, Public Sector