Eliminate Inefficient Processes and Wasted Time. Apply Digital Worksheets.

Nonproductive time is a well-known factor in connection with task management, driving and reporting at the utility companies. Every day, the mobile technicians on the road need an overview of the day’s tasks and driving route, they need to receive task descriptions and drawings, as well as have materials in the vehicles. If the technician has to go to the office first to get everything delivered manually, the day’s first hours can quickly be categorized as ineffective time. In addition, should they also report on paper, the information is first loaded into the system when the technician is in the office, which delays reporting and billing.

Digitize the Company’s Work Order and Resource Management
SimaTech's product portfolio meets the needs of the utility industry by digitizing workflows between office and vehicles and freeing up time for the mobile staff. All communication between the office and vehicles is computerized, just as reporting on work carried out is done online from the vehicle.

Specific Benefits:
♦  The tasks are organized conveniently from the office
♦  The mobile technicians optimize their workday, freeing up time for assignments and customer
♦  Customers are able to follow tasks through the web
♦  All products are based on standard solutions that are easy to integrate with the company's existing
    ERP and CRM systems.


Products Targeting the Utility Industry:

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