Every second counts in the fire and rescue service. When the police, fire department and ambulances responds to emergency calls, planning and coordination are critical factors for a timely intervention. SimaTech is now reinforcing its integrated support management system with the purchase of akutplan.dk, which is a turnkey solution for work scheduling for part-time fire departments.
Akutplan.dk was developed by Michael Winther, who, himself, has served as a part-time firefighter and therefore – on the basis of the actual planning process for the fire and rescue service at a fire station – saw the need for a web-based tool for creating work schedules.
Akutplan.dk was developed in cooperation with management and firefighters from fire and rescue services, to ensure optimal user-friendliness. It is possible to visualize the planning with graphs and numbers, and which skills are available. In case of low staffing, the management receives automatic text message notification.
Main Functions
Akutplan.dk contains the following main functions:
♦  Overview of currently available staff and list of skills.
♦  The calendar calculates the number of available staff and what skills are available.
    Ideal for vacation and long-term planning.
♦  Diagrams show an overview of staff divided by group.
♦  Graphs provide an overview of what skills are available and the developments over
    the next 24 hours.
Other Functions:
♦  Manage staff
♦  Review historical data
♦  Overview of available staff
♦  Overview of staff's skills
♦  Text message notification in case of inadequate staffing
♦  Work-group scheduling
♦  Fast cancellation via smartphone
♦  Easy setup of repeating cancellation
♦  The fire and rescue service's current status
♦  Contact information for staff and telephone list
♦  Always up-to-date information
♦  Possibility for group-based emails

SimaTech in Fire and Rescue Services
SimaTech's solutions for fire and rescue services are designed for rescue operations, where fast and controlled action, as well as timely and correct execution are critical. SimaTech has developed a platform, so the administration of rescue missions involving multiple actors take place in a common infrastructure. With an integrated navigation and information system for fire and rescue services, SimaTech helps to calm the rescue crew, which helps planning in what is often very critical situations, where errors can be fatal.
For further questions, please contact CEO Søren B. Andersen at tel. +45 4320 4300.
Read more about akutplan.dk here: www.akutplan.dk

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