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“Uptime and user-friendliness are key performance issues when we evaluate our IT solutions. SimaTech scores high on both. We use SimaOffice as an emergency system for ambulance dispatch and SimaCar as a mobile tasks and navigation app in all ambulances, and it works perfectly. We are very pleased with the cooperation and with SimaTech’s solutions."
Kurt Kongerslev, *Control Center Manager, Central Denmark Region
The Central Denmark Region put up an Additional Safety Net for the Ambulance Service
Central Denmark Region has chosen an expanded solution from SimaTech in its emergency preparedness. On an equal footing with the other regions, the Central Denmark Region uses SimaCar in all its ambulances and other emergency vehicles, but the control center in Aarhus has, in addition, chosen SimaOffice as a backup to the shared regional ambulance dispatch system.
“Our emergency preparedness must operate no matter what happens. Therefore, we have chosen SimaOffice as an emergency procedure system that takes over if our primary ambulance dispatch system is down. This could be in the case of system failure or scheduled updates. It works smoothly,” says Kurt Kongerslev, Control Center Manager at Emergency Coordination Control Center in Central Denmark Region.
“We find SimaOffice to be easy to manage and use, and we've had a great partnership with SimaTech regarding the system.”
The control center can easily switch from one system to another without paramedics in the ambulances noticing any difference, and still maintain a high level of security.
Both the primary ambulance dispatch system and SimaOffice integrates with SimaCar. A total of 64 ambulances, 24 patient transport vehicles, 9 emergency medical vehicles, 3 emergency vehicles and 1 emergency helicopter is equipped with the mobile tasks and navigation app that ensures that rescuers always takes the fastest, most direct route to the incident location, and that they have all relevant information available to perform their work efficiently and professionally. 


About Central Denmark Region:
Central Denmark Region has approximately 112 vehicles, 1 helicopter, 16 emergency medical responders and 10 hospitals for servicing about 1,280,000 citizens in the region..
The Solution for Central Denmark Region:

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