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As we expand our SimaTech solution, many intermediaries disappear. Among other things, our staff does not need to drive to the office every morning, because tasks and information are forwarded electronically. They do not need to report the day's work on paper. SimaWeb Service Desk serves as a Help Desk where we can serve our customers. SimaTech Enterprise Server integrates with our IT systems so that customers can order and follow a task via SimaWeb from creation to completion of the order.
Svend Magnussen, Construction & Service Manager at Energi Fyn

SimaTech Enterprise System eliminates 60 hours of wasted time per day. Until a year and a half ago, each of Energi Fyn’s 60 mobile electricians and installers had up to an hour of wasted time during a working day. The operating staff of the utility company did not use the time optimally, because the work day reflected manual and inefficient processes.
“We planned the tasks at the office from day to day. All staff started by driving to the office in the morning, they received the task descriptions and drawings, and drove past our stock to collect materials. Neither the office nor the staff in the vehicle could get an overview of the tasks and the order in which they best performed the task. That’s why it was a great desire for us to get an online tool for resource planning, says Svend Magnussen, Construction & Service Manager at Energi Fyn.
Now, we have removed the first ineffective hour from the electricians and installers’ work day, and a wide range of other benefits have followed in the implementation of SimaTech Enterprise System. Energi Fyn has the following modules: SimaOffice, which organizes tasks centrally; SimaCar, showing tasks, overview maps and drawings for each employee on the road; and SimaWeb, which gives Energi Fyn's big customers, such as the municipalities, the opportunity to follow tasks through SimaWeb in real time.
“It is a benefit for both us and the employees that they can put the work hours to good use as efficiently as possible. They are prepared for the day’s work. When they get into the car, they can drive directly to the first customer from home and they can collect parts from our extra stores in town in the so-called drop zones that we have established in connection with the implementation of the SimaTech solution. The result is fewer drives, less waste of work and a comprehensive overview of all tasks—both for the current day and the days to come,” says Svend Magnussen.
“From day one, SimaTech understood and respected our needs. We chose SimaTech due to user-friendliness and future possibilities in the system, and when we signed an agreement with SimaTech, we estimated that they were the most advanced on the market. One of the great, positive experiences with SimaTech is that they deliver the product they promise and they acquaint themselves with the needs of the customer. It really is a strong point at SimaTech,” says Svend Magnussen.
The next step is the Assignment Manager, which is a part of the SimaWeb product family and which makes it possible for Energi Fyn to dispatch tasks to the pool for the employees who are in the area where the task is to be completed.


About Energi Fyn
Energi Fyn is a modern, well-consolidated energy group focusing on Funen. They serve about 390,000 customers and employ approximately 235.
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