Enterprise Server

SimaTech Enterprise Server is the foundation of our solutions. It is where all business logic is placed and where all communications are controlled between the various units at the office and in the vehicles.

SimaTech Enterprise Server is modular in design and can be expanded with standard or customer-specific modules, such as integration with finance system, customer database, wage system, etc.
SimaTech Enterprise Server handles more than 30 standard servers/modules. Below are some examples:
Database Server
Handles communication to the Microsoft SQL Server where data is stored.
Communication Server
Manages communications between SimaTech's clients as well as third-party systems via various network solutions, such as LAN, WLAN or mobile broadband.
Resource Server
Handles management of resources, including creation, status and location.
Assignment Server
Handles management of assignments / routes, including the creation of assignments with stop-points, and event logging on the assignment/route.
Planner Server
Manages booking and scheduling of the assignments in order to use resources optimally.
Message Server
Manages the handling of messages, including the creation of messages and logging of incidents regarding messages.
Report Server
Displays customized reports. Customized reports are generated with Crystal Reports.
SMS Server
Dispatches notification by SMS to customers or mobile devices.
E-mail Server
Dispatches notification by e-mail to customers or mobile devices