With SimaCar, SimaTech provides a navigation system that targets the professional market and allows integration with existing information systems.

In recent years, the navigation market has been characterized by a number of navigation systems that primarily target the consumer market and with the commonality that they are used as stand-alone systems and primarily in various types of handheld devices (PDA).
The user interface is designed with simplicity in mind. SimaCar is easy and quick to operate, whether by conventional keyboard/mouse or a touch-sensitive screen.
SimaCar is modular and the functionality expands with a number of standard modules.
Today, SimaCar is used in a variety of industries, including fire and rescue, transportation and utilities. Characteristic of them all is that you want to provide more information to the employee in the vehicle so that the employee can perform effectively and competently.
In short - SimaCar is more than just a navigation system. It is an information system for the mobile employee. SimaCar can be supplied with map data for a large number of European countries and North America
SimaCar comes in two versions: SimaCar Navi and SimaCar Pro.

SimaCar Navi

SimaCar Navi is a complete turn-by-turn GPS navigation system that offers standard navigation and map features. SimaCar Navi is primarily for customers who just want a professional navigation system.

1) Navigation
2) Map display
3) Search for addresses, cities and places of interest  (POI)
4) Creation of own favorite destinations

SimaCar Pro

SimaCar Pro has the same basic functionality as the SimaCar Navi version. In addition to the basic navigation and map features, SimaCar Pro expands with a number of standard modules. It is also possible to customize the look of the map to your own needs or industry and to add your own map themes to the system.
SimaCar Pro forms the basis for customer-specific solutions, where there is a need for integration with back office systems so that the mobile employee always has access to current information.
SimaCar's modules can be used directly in connection with SimaTech's work order and resource management solution, SimaOffice, but can also be customized to third party’s work order and resource management solutions.
SMS Module
The SMS Module shows standard SMS text messages in SimaCar's simple user interface. If the sender of the text message includes a coordinate, the coordinate can be used directly as a destination for navigation.
Browser Module
With the Browser Module it is possible to integrate the company's Internet / intranet web services with SimaCar. The Browser Module is a standard web browser integrated in SimaCar that can be configured to display a specific website when activated. It can also be configured so that an address from SimaCar transferred to a specific web service forms a website with content related to the specified address.
Assignment Module
The Assignment Module makes it possible to integrate SimaTech's fleet and resource management solution with SimaCar, sending assignments to the vehicle. Assignments / work orders transmits via a mobile connection (3G, GPRS, TETRA or other TCP / IP based communications) to the Assignment Module, which displays the assignment details. The employee is in a position to see the location of the assignment on the map or to start navigation directly. It is also possible to send status messages back to the office (assignment received, assignment started, assignment near completion, assignment completed). An assignment may have one or more related tasks. Also, the Assignment Module can be configured to send the vehicle position back to the office, and the position can be stored or displayed in SimaOffice, which is SimaTech’s fleet management product.
Message Module
The Message Module integrates SimaTech's fleet and resource management solution with SimaCar, in order to send text messages between vehicle and office. Messages transmit to the Message Module via a mobile connection (3G, GPRS, TETRA or similar TCP / IP based communications). It is also possible for the employee to create and send messages to the office.
Database Module
The Database Module integrates customer-specific data from a standard database in SimaCar. Information from the database appears in the Database Module, and the coordinate applies as a destination for the navigation system. The Database Module is a simple and quick way to integrate the company's own data in SimaCar. The module is configured via an XML file where the data source is indicated and the module layout is designed.