SimaGo addresses the mobile employee who needs to be constantly in touch with the office and who prefers the small Smartphone form factor.

SimaGo is an intelligent app for smartphones, which is part of SimaTech's work order and resource management solution. Tasks will be sent to the mobile employee from the office via SimaTech Enterprise Server, who then acknowledges the receipt, loads maps and GPS position, and submits status reports back to the office related to the execution of task.
In addition, SimaGo configures to send the GPS positions to SimaTech Enterprise Server. SimaGo runs on Android-compatible devices
♦  Intuitive / simple
♦  Task execution with status
♦  Navigation
♦  Navigering
♦  Server-based content and workflow
♦  GPS positions to server
♦  Works disconnected
♦  Mobile broadband
♦  Android (iOS) and Windows Phone

Product Group:
SimaGo Biz
SimaGo CallOut
SimaGo Dispatch