SimaOffice is the client to SimaTech’s fleet management solution, work order and resource management solutions and can also be used as a stand-alone map solution.


SimaOffice provides the functions that the employee needs in the office to get the most out of the company's mobile resources. Today, SimaOffice is used within a variety of industries, including public safety and transportation. For instance, Falck A/S uses SimaOffice in more than 250 workstations at six control centers in Denmark.
The user interface has been designed with a view to simplicity. SimaOffice is easy and quick to operate. SimaOffice is modular in design, and functionality can be expanded with a number of standard modules or adapted to specific customer requirements.
SimaOffice has been developed on Microsoft's .NET platform and can be implemented as a stand-alone application on one computer as a remote workstation or as a full client-server solution. This flexibility makes it possible to centralize the maintenance of the application and data without compromising on user requirements and functionality.
SimaOffice can be supplied with map data on a large number of European countries and North America.
SimaOffice comes in two versions:
1) SimaOffice Basic
2) SimaOffice Pro

SimaOffice Basic

SimaOffice Basic contains the basic functionality and can be configured to display vehicle/assignment locations and history from a standard ODBC compatible database, e.g. MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • Map display
  • Search for addresses, cities and places of interest (POI)
  • Route calculation
  • Display of vehicle/assignment GPS position on map
  • Display of vehicle / assignment history


SimaOffice Pro

SimaOffice Pro has the same basic functionality as the basic version. In addition to the basic functions as maps, search and route calculation, SimaOffice Pro integrates with SimaTech's Communication Server, making it possible to communicate with SimaCar and SimaMobile.
With a number of standard modules, SimaOffice expands to a complete multi-user task and resource management solution that handles everything from the customer’s call to the office, the dispatcher create and dispatch task to a vehicle/staff, until task completion and invoicing.
SimaOffice Pro is modular, can be customized for customer-specific solutions and integrates with existing task and resource management systems.