SimaTech SafetyMaps

Digital Meeting Plans and SINE (TETRA) Services in One Solution
SimaTech SafetyMaps gives you online access to your meeting plans, manage and distribute the meeting plans between multiple systems and authorities. The use of SimaTech SafetyMaps is equivalent to significantly faster and a more effective way to collect and share effort-relevant information that will optimize your efforts at the incident location.
A meeting plan contains important, effort-relevant information, and it is essential that this information is correct. The required data in the meeting plan come from many different sources. Usually, traditional meeting plans are based on information collected by each Fire Service, which makes maintenance of traditional plans very demanding.
SimaTech SafetyMaps uses information that is often freely available, and retrieve data directly from the source – e.g. the national public map provider and the public natural environment portal - whereby the responsibility for maintaining this information lies with the authority and not the individual unit.
With an online meeting plan, information can be accessed where necessary and in different systems. In addition, the system makes it possible to communicate via maps and with other relevant parties in connection with the effort, which is the very essence of the SINE Services concept (TETRA).
SimaTech SafetyMaps integrates with the SimaTech Enterprise System, allowing tactical planning at the incident location sharing this with other resources; control center via SimaOffice and vehicles via SimaCar, eg. in connection with cordon zones, risk zones, emergency staging areas, roadblocs, etc.
Why choose SimaTech SafetyMaps?
By optimizing the processes for setting up and managing your meeting plans, you will achieve significant timesaving. What is more important; you will improve the quality of the available information during an effort significantly. Whether it is a small local event or a major disaster.
SimaTech SafetyMaps is a fully developed and tested solution already used by a number of fire departments in the Netherlands, and with a recently signed agreement with the capital Fire and Rescue Service in Copenhagen, SimaTech roll-out the solution in Denmark in the fall of 2017.
Would you also like to optimize your processes? Please, contact us for a review of the possibilities with SimaTech SafetyMaps.