WNS Server

WNS (Web Navigation Service) is a concept in navigation systems and comes in a Basic Edition or Enterprise Edition.

SimaTech is launching a completely new concept within professional navigation systems. If you are familiar with TMC (Traffic Message Channel), which today is a distinct functionality in commercial navigation systems, then you are well on your way to understanding what WNS is.
With WNS, it is possible to apply geographical events to your navigation or fleet management system. Events can be included in the route calculation or simply used for information, such as weather or speed control.
In contrast to TMC, WNS is transmitted over the Internet and can be used both in the navigation system and in your fleet management solution in the office. It is also possible to create your own WNS services and maintain them from the office or from the vehicle. In other words, WNS is much more than TMC.
WNS services may be based on information from commercial providers, such as The Danish Road Directorate's traffic service, but companies will also be able to create a WNS server that offers WNS services for company employees in the vehicles or at the office.
Imagine a fire department, where the traffic situation, knowledge of temporary road closures or road work is of great importance for how quickly an emergency vehicle arrives at an accident. The municipality will be able to establish a WNS server with a range of services maintained by the municipal technical administration. The technical administration will be able to specify road work and temporary road closures, etc. Immediately, information will be available in the emergency vehicles and simultaneously displayed at the dispatcher’s workstations at the control center.
Also, WNS services can be updated from the vehicle so that the incident commander can create any blockages at the site so that other vehicles, the control center or the Danish Road Directorate can take the necessary precautions.
WNS can be used by many other industries, incl. transportation. Of course, the information on the traffic situation, temporary road closures and bridge heights, etc. is also of great importance for the transport industry, and one can imagine a lot of other information that could be relevant.
For example, a company wants to show the location of tasks to be performed, but not assigned to a specific vehicle. By creating them in WNS, all mobile employees will be able to view and optionally choose to perform one of these tasks if it is on their route. Information about any speed checks could also be relevant, because it is possible to create such an event in a WNS service as you pass it. This information is available to other vehicles immediately after entering it.
WNS SystemComes in Two Versions:
  • Basic Edition
  • Enterprise Edition


WSN Basic Edition
Standard management of WNSO (Web Navigation Service Objects) from SimaOffice.
WNS Enterprise Edition
Advanced management of WNSO via an integrated multi-user management system.
  • Permanent, temporary and repeating events
  • Approval process for events created by a 3rd party
  • Logging of data
  • Enhanced flexibility