Aarhus Vand chooses SimaTech

Aarhus Vand's objective is to ensure water and sewage water supply of a high health and environmental quality that takes into account supply dependability and nature and which is operated in an effective way, to ensure transparency for consumers. Aarhus Vand reclaims, treats and distributes more than 15 million m3 of drinking water and purifies more than 30 million m3 of wastewater per year in 10 waterworks and 10 purification plants. The company has 240 skillful and dedicated employees.

At Aarhus Vand, there are many daily tasks, including the annual replacement of 60,000 water meters installed on citizen, institution and company premises. Aarhus Vand has chosen SimaTech Enterprise System to optimize the planning, route, work procedure and documentation. All installers are equipped with a tablet with SimaCar and the digital worksheet (DynDoc) installed. Other colleagues take care of the planning, route optimization, task assignment and the subsequent processing – all done in SimaOffice and managed by SimaTech Enterprise Server, which is integrated with Aarhus Vand's ERP system SonWin.
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Roskilde Festival stays in control with smart app

With over 75,000 guests, it is vital to be able to stay in control...
In connection with this year's Roskilde Festival, a number of key staff members were equipped with SimaGo on their smartphones. The solution makes it possible for the central coordination unit and the emergency service office to optimize the use of these key staff members. SimaOffice now includes a detailed map of the festival grounds, showing the GPS coordinates of the key staff members. It is also possible to send tasks out to the staff.
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Copenhagen Fire Department introduces task and resource management

Copenhagen Fire Department conducted a pilot study in the area of prevention, where the department made consultation visits to institutions. This has now been adopted, and to support the processes in this work, we have chosen to use SimaOffice/SimaCar for the actual job management, including dynamic documents, such as the templates the department fills in on its visits. SimaOffice/SimaCar is an excellent framework system for job management for several reasons. It is well known software that fits into the existing architecture, it is easy to adapt to the different job areas, and we can use it throughout the organization for many different purposes. We expect it will develop to become the framework system that will be the most important source for task management and data collection, which can then be used operatively.

Jørn Harding Mølholm, IT Project Manager

Energi Fyn rolls out SimaTech Enterprise System in the entire Group

Energi Fyn has used SES (SimaTech Enterprise System) for a number of years in Plants and Operations, but in the autumn it rolled out the solution throughout the group. The other departments in the group have been equipped with SimaOffice, which the departments use to create tasks and track the progress of the tasks. The actual planning and execution of the work is coordinated by Plants and Operations. When tasks are created in the department, the solution furthermore manages automatic calculation and latest execution time on the basis of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) for the individual task types. Monthly reports can then be sent to each of the departments on the extent to which the mutual SLAs are being observed.