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We keep track of your
tasks and resources
in many different industries
- Technical Services
- Utilities
- Transportation
- Building and Construction
- Emergency Services / Public Safety
within many areas of business
- Field Workforce Management
- Asset Management
- Service Desk / Processing
- Booking and Dispatch
- Work Order Management and Route Planning
all done in
SimaTech Enterprise System

Work Order Management

Many companies use a large asset management system to manage their tasks and mobile resources. Data records are extensive in these systems, often exceeding the actual needs. Therefore, the systems can seem heavy and will be counterproductive and perhaps replaced or supplemented by paper-based solutions.

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Fleet Management

It is expensive to have a fleet of vehicles. Vehicles must be on the road as much as possible—on the way to and from assignments—using minimum mileage. With SimaTech’s fleet management system, you get a finely meshed overview of the mobile resources so that each and every kilometer can be planned optimally both from a customer, supply and transportation economy perspective.

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Route Planning

Route planning is more than just an app on the mobile phone. When every second counts, the emergency services must have the latest route updates on hand, overviews of tailbacks and road work and know exactly which way they have to drive to the scene. In companies with mobile employees, the route to the task needs to be planned carefully to optimize all resources and to avoid unnecessary downtime.

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Resource Management

For mobile employees, piles of paper with tasks, crumpled notes and late reporting contribute to the delays of completing and reporting tasks to the administration at the head office. In terms of both documentation and invoicing of the completed task, the paper-based, manual processes are a source of errors.

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