With SimaWeb it is possible to develop customized web-based self-service sites for internal employees, partners and customers.

SimaWeb already exists in three versions:
♦  Self-service solution for municipalities
♦  Assignment Manager
♦  Transportation

Read more about these SimaWeb versions in the column to the right.
Further examples of customized SimaWeb pages for customer, employee, Municipality and subcontractor:

Self-Service Solution for Municipalities
Reporting of temporary overnight stays. This solution facilitates case management and makes the permit available directly in both SimaCar and SimaOffice via WNS. The applicant automatically receives an email with the approval and the conditions of the approval.

Fast and Simple Overview of All Tasks
For the employee, the web client provides access to all the tasks assigned to the employee. It is also possible to sort and search for specific tasks and change the time to carry out the task. To accomplish tasks, the employee has the option to activate tasks to transfer to SimaCar. The solution also gives the dispatcher the possibility to post tasks on a "Job Exchange" that have not yet been assigned to an employee, which then means that posted tasks are visible to all employees.

Track & Trace for the Transportation Industry
The web client provides access to current and completed assignments to truckers and customers. It is also possible to book new assignments through the client.